We want YOU!!



I finally got the bar cleaned out!! Paint, lights and all the fun stuff will be the next step...but right now- AS IS- we have a clean, comfortable space to host anything from baby showers to graduation parties. This is new to us- we'll be working through the details of how it all would work. If you have an event and are in need of a space to host, we may be able to work something out! We can comfortably seat up to 25 guests.

Long-term we would love to work towards hosting a coffee shop, utilitizing our drive-thru window. If you have serious, solid ideas and an excellent business plan, come talk to us!

We are eagerly seeking motivated individuals to work alongside us as we continue to grow. Hairstylists, massage therapists, estheticians, nail techs...if you are ambitious, positive, love people and our industry, and are ready to GO ALL IN- WE WANT YOU!​ If you are an artist/crafter/vendor and are looking for a place to showcase your products, we also have space for retail! We offer flexible booth rental agreements at reasonable rates.

We are open to a range of possibilities for our roomy area...if you have ideas, ​stop in and chat with us or reach out to danikinberg@gmail.com

*Small Business Tips from Dani

Since relocating to mainstreet we routinely hear opinions and beliefs about small business and our small town. We hear rumors about former businesses that didn't make it. We hear nostalgic longing for the glory days of our bustling small towns. It seems everyone has ideas and opinions about small businesses. The problem is, few of these "experts" have actually run successful small businesses.

I graduated beauty school at the age of 19, became self-employed at age 22, and opened my own salon at age 30. I have managed to operate profitably every single one of the 17 years I've been in business, been able to mold my career around the needs of my family and continue to grow steadily. I LOVE small business and while I definitely don't have all the answers, I have learned a few key things along the way. I am happy to pass them along:

TRUTH-Small business is CHALLENGING, it is NOT impossible.

-Surround yourself with other positive, ambitious, hard-working individuals

-Identify your target clientele and build your business model around them

-Always operate with integrity, NEVER do business with those who don't

-Make your presence and details of your business KNOWN, VISIBLE and HIGHLY ACCESSIBLE!

-Keep convenient, consistent hours of operation

-Commit to offering EXCELLENT customer service

MYTH-Small business can only thrive in densely populated areas

-In our salon we regularly serve the 4 surrounding counties that border our area, and have clients who drive from out-of-state

-Roads run both directions. If rural people drive to cities, city people can come our direction

-The internet has made it easier than ever to advertise, market and streamline operations

-Bottom Line: There are plenty of people to support your business. Period. Don't make dumb excuses

TRUTH-Small businesses are not entitled to support, just because they're the only option in a small community.

​-Give people something worth supporting, and they will support it

-Support and loyalty MUST BE EARNED

-"Mom and Pop" Stores have less margin for error than big retail, SO...

-Hold yourself to a higher standard than big business, remember: higher standards are a GOOD THING!

TRUTH-Starting, running and growing a business is all-consuming.

-Opening a business is effectively putting your heart and soul on display for the world to criticize

-Physical labor and sleepless nights are guaranteed. Success is NOT!

-Count the cost emotionally, mentally and financially, then commit to go all in

-Have a lot of other irons in the fire? Reconsider. Seriously. It takes a LOT and if you have little to give, consider waiting, or starting on a much smaller scale (HELLO, BOOTH RENTERS!!)

-Split focus with too many all​-consuming events is a recipe for disaster. We had toddlers, built a home and started a salon ALL AT THE SAME TIME. We made it work, but I would not recommend it.

MYTH- It takes big money and a huge credit line to start a business.

-Not true. I know because I did it. Money was not a factor in the beginning because we didn't have much of it. Stay out of debt and avoid artificial funding in the form of credit lines and bank loans

-Grow as the business grows

-Creativity, humility and common sense ARE ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL

-It is better to ACTUALLY be doing well, then just to APPEAR that you are doing well


...If you are realistic going in, it is 100% worth the investment. If you are entrepreneurially wired, there are few greater thrills than watching something you have poured into grow and thrive.

TRUTH- We need YOU!

We are messy humans first- we balance families, activities, life challenges and we are still just figuring things out as we go! If you have ideas of how we can improve OUR business, or better...have the skills to join us and offer needed services to complement what we do- we WANT YOU! We love supporting and working alongside other professionals as we build our careers, serve our community and FACE LIFE. If you think you would be a good fit with us, please stop in! We would love to visit with you.